About Us

We're a Michigan-based Photography and Videography duo, focusing on high production value, and attention to detail. One thing we love is finding new ways to capture life’s happiest moments. Here's a little bit about us. 

Ben's Story

Since I was a child, photography and videography have played a key role in my world. I loved playing with the family video camera, shooting random household objects for hours on end. Though, my parents did not appreciate that the batteries were always dead. Little did I know,  this experience incited a much larger passion for filmmaking and cinematography. After shooting my first professional session, at 16, I knew this would be a lifelong path for me. My love for telling stories found the perfect outlet that has allowed me to perfect my craft. Filming now consumes a considerable amount of my free time, as I build this exciting new path with my wife, Bun. 

Bun's Story

Photography has played a huge role in my family’s life. Since the age of 15, I have been assisting my mom with her photography business; as her backup photographer. Having a photography studio in my childhood home, heavily impacted my passion and knowledge.  I love capturing the happy moments around me, and sharing that joy with others. I’m so excited to now have my own business with my hubby, Ben. We can’t wait to share your special moments with you!